Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aiden's battle wounds.

We went up to our property over the weekend. Luckily we have the fifth wheel where the kids can watch movies and make mac and cheese since it was raining all weekend. Each time the rain stopped for a short period of time we would all go for a ride. Nikaylee loves riding on the fourwheeler that we are able to go on long rides. Aiden was riding on the back of Nicks dirt bike while me and baby were behind them on the fourwheeler... throughout the ride Aiden will look back at us and say hi and throw his little gang signs (peace). We were on our way back to camp and Aiden turned around to see me and his foot got sucked into the dirt bike... he told Nick "Stop, stop" and when Nick stopped he couldn't believe what had just happened. I came around the corner and saw them stopped and Aiden just screaming, I jumped off the fourwheeler, and ran over there with baby girl in my jacket. Nick and I pulled and pulled to get his foot out of the bike... Aiden was screaming "Am I going to die?" "Are you gonna be able to get my foot out?" after close to 10 minutes we were able to get his foot out and it was really swollen, bleeding and really dirty from the bike. I grabbed Aiden and put both him and Nikaylee on the fourwheeler and raced back to camp. I tried to clean it up and then wrapped it while Nick packed up camp and we went home. I took him to the instacare as soon as we got home and luckily nothing is broken, just really bruised and some nasty abrasions.

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