Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aiden's battle wounds.

We went up to our property over the weekend. Luckily we have the fifth wheel where the kids can watch movies and make mac and cheese since it was raining all weekend. Each time the rain stopped for a short period of time we would all go for a ride. Nikaylee loves riding on the fourwheeler that we are able to go on long rides. Aiden was riding on the back of Nicks dirt bike while me and baby were behind them on the fourwheeler... throughout the ride Aiden will look back at us and say hi and throw his little gang signs (peace). We were on our way back to camp and Aiden turned around to see me and his foot got sucked into the dirt bike... he told Nick "Stop, stop" and when Nick stopped he couldn't believe what had just happened. I came around the corner and saw them stopped and Aiden just screaming, I jumped off the fourwheeler, and ran over there with baby girl in my jacket. Nick and I pulled and pulled to get his foot out of the bike... Aiden was screaming "Am I going to die?" "Are you gonna be able to get my foot out?" after close to 10 minutes we were able to get his foot out and it was really swollen, bleeding and really dirty from the bike. I grabbed Aiden and put both him and Nikaylee on the fourwheeler and raced back to camp. I tried to clean it up and then wrapped it while Nick packed up camp and we went home. I took him to the instacare as soon as we got home and luckily nothing is broken, just really bruised and some nasty abrasions.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Weekend Fun!

Last weekend we went up to our property and my Dad and brother Jarett came with us and we had a great time! Here are a few pictures...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a happy Easter! Here are a few pictures from our Easter adventure :)

The dang Easter bunny spoiled my kids again! Aiden got a Nintendo DS that he has been begging for over 2 years, lots of clothes, shoes, and candy.
Nikaylee got lots of clothes, toys, and candy.

First Stop: Grandma and Grandpa Lyons House. Aiden found the Laundry Drop in the upstairs bathroom. :) I had Aiden sit by Grandpa to take his picture and instead of saying Cheese, Grandpa told him to say "Whiskey" because it is a good smiley word. So, Nick wants everyone to know that if you hear Aiden say "Whiskey" it didn't come from him :) Nikaylee was very interested in Suki (the cat) but, the cat wasn't very fond of her. (good thing he is declawed )

Second Stop: Grandma Joanie's house (Nick's Grandmother) She had open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago so, she wasn't able to get out and about for Easter. Her boyfriend Ron lives in the basement of her house and he is in a wheelchair so there is a big ramp for him that Nikaylee loved to run up and down. Aiden climbed the tree in her backyard.

Third Stop: Nicks uncle Bob and Aunt Kathy's house. We all were starving when we arrived so, luckily there was a Ham Dinner waiting for us. Aiden and Nikaylee had a ton of fun playing in the backyard with all the dogs! (2 German Shephards, 1 Golden Lab, 1 Chihuahua, and 1 Pomeranian) We had an Easter Egg Hunt. Nikaylee had been going and going all day that by the time the Easter Egg Hunt was over she was ready for bed. I know she is tired when she is telling us "Night Night" over and over again.

Last Stop: Home and to Bed!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chuckie Cheese

Nikaylee and her Best Friend Maddison going for a car ride.
Aiden and driving Nikaylee around town.

Nikaylee loved the merry go round. She wanted to ride that horse FOREVER :)

Nikaylee and Maddison just hanging out !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yea Mon!

Above are a few pictures from our trip to Jamaica. Our flight came in last night at 11:30pm.
We are a little jet lagged and exhausted but, were extremely excited to see our kiddies that we actually woke them up this morning :)

We had a great time, it was soo much better than we were expecting. The Jamaican people are really great. We took a taxi to the Dunn's River Falls and walked up the water fall. (I will post pictures of that later since, they are on a friends camara) We will definantly come back soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anniversary in Jamaica

Sunday night our flight leaves to Sandals Grande Ocho Rios in Jamaica! With the weather lately (snow) we are extremely excited to go somewhere WARM.

We planned this trip for our Anniversary March 16. We have been married for 2 years! WOW that went by SO fast! Here is a quick look back of all the things we have done since we got married...

* Wedding in St. Lucia
* Purchased 10 acres of Land near Strawberry Reservoir.
* Traveled to Puerto Vallarta.
* Had our adorable Nikaylee Ann Kuhn.
* Successfully Terminated Aiden's sperm donor's rights.
* Nick Successfully Adopted Aiden !!!
* I Changed jobs.
* We Purchased a 5th Wheel to keep at our property so, we can enjoy it with our family and friends.
* We have been to many Jazz Games! I can't even count them all... GO JAZZ!
*And so much more !

We are excited for many more years together and will be celebrating on the Beach in Jamaica! Wish you all could come with us :)

Aiden at Safe Kids Fair

Here are some pics from the Safe Kids Fair we went to a couple of weekends ago. I left little Niky at home so, Aiden and I can have some fun with just the two of us :) Before Nikaylee was here I was able to spend alot of time with just Aiden but now, she demands a lot of my attention and Aiden gets jealous so, we had fun just the two of us!
Aiden put on safety glasses and gloves and helped to change a race car tire!
Tour of the Fire Engine...
He held a snake and I don't have a picture but, he held a tarantula... creepy.
He sat in a little mini helicopter.... And he got to sit on the Sheriff's motorcycle.
He had too much fun! But, still wanted to go somewhere else fun afterwards so, we went to the Living Planet Aqaurium which he thought was pretty cool but, there isn't anything there that you can't see at his Dad's Pet Store for free... Don't think we will be going back.